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TMC is a company built on a reputation of delivery and credibility which has seen it recognised as one of the top boutique insurance search firms.

Our areas of expertise

We specialise in; Underwriters and Underwriting Teams, Executive Management, Finance Management, Operations Management, Digital and InsurTech, Claims, Reinsurance, Actuarial and Risk and HR. In the following territories; London Market & UK Regional, Central & Eastern Europe, North America & Bermuda, Hong Kong & Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Executive search

Proven mapping ability to identify, attract and engage the best talent from highly competitive talent pools.

Underwriting team move

Once identified, assess and engage with each individual team member whilst also driving a collective process which includes legal and contractual advice.


A broad selection of bespoke services that range from market insight and succession planning to executive salary benchmarking.

Annual retainer consultancy

A formalised arrangement where a client has instant access to all of our services where by TMC become an extension of their business and prioritises their needs.

Business Intelligence

Due diligence when considering entering new markets, classes or territories. Intelligence reports on potential acquisitions or competitors.

Named Approach

A formal attraction, approach and assessment process where a client already has several targeted individuals for a specific position but sensitivities require a third-party involvement.

More than just Executive Search

We work closely with our clients at every stage of each process and on certain occasions we've been asked to positioned ourselves on-site for a short period of time to allow us to deliver the very best service and solutions in a truly collaborative manner.

Every assignment TMC undertakes is a unique project and delivered to the highest measure.

Our Clients

TMC was formed by a group of experienced search professionals who understood that search and executive hiring needed to change with the times and recognised the impact that consolidation, innovative technology and underwriting cycle management were having on the insurance industry.

We are a peer to peer advisory and consultancy search business; our clients are our business and we are proud to partner with them.

Internal applicants

We use tried and tested methods to combine a client's internal succession planning processes with our external search campaign to create an objective, multi-criteria model that compares internal talent with the best of the external market.


Competency based interviews are conducted on behalf of the client. Psychometric testing may be administered through our network of qualified occupational psychologists or through a client's preferred provider.


TMC works with clients on highly confidential assignments which may warrant the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, either way we settle for nothing less than total confidentiality at every stage of our process.

Vision. Strategy. Execution. Delivery.

Executive Search & Team Aquisition

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Our Services.

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